Organic Herbal Ancient Warrior Tincture Formula 4 ounces

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Our organic Ancient Warrior herbal tincture is to help men combat fatigue, build lean muscle mass, burn fat and works wonders for post exercise recovery. It is a comprehensive anti-aging formula.

It tonifies Kidney Yang, Kidney Qi, Kidney Yin, blood, preserves and nourish Kidney Jing and life-force energy. This is an amazing and deeply nourishing herbal formula for male sexual health, erectile dysfunction, stamina and male infertility.

This balanced formula is created using herbal traditions of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Rainforest Medicine. Several of the herbs have been selected and blended by a Shaman deep within the rainforest of Ecuador for male sexual health and potency to help you find the Ancient Warrior within.

Organic Herbal Ingredients: Dang Gui, Rou Gui, Tian Ma, He Huan Pi, Bai Zhu, Gou Qi Zi, Shan Zhu Yu, Shu Di Huang, Ying Yang Huo, Fu Ling, He Shou Wu, Tibetan Rhodiola, Chuchuhuasi, Cat’s Claw, Para Tudo, (Brazilian Suma) Siberian Maral Root & Tayuyua in a solution of organic French Vodka.

Dang Gui (Angelica Root) - Tonify blood, invigorates blood, reduces cold and calms pain.

Rou Gui (Cinnamon) - Returns the fire to the kidneys, tonifies Kidney Yang, unblocks channels, alleviates pain, generates Qi & blood.

He Huan Pi (Albizzia) – Nourishes the heart, calms the Spirit, invigorates blood, stops, disperses swelling

Bai Zhu (White Atractylodes)– Supplements Spleen, tonifies Qi, dries dampness and promotes metabolism.

Gou Qi Zi (Wolberry, Lycium Fruit) - Nourishes the Liver and kidney, benefits essence, life force energy and moistens the lung, anti-viral.

Shan Zhu Yu (Cornelia Cherry Fruit) – Stabilizes kidneys, secures essence, tonifies the liver and kidneys.

Shu Di Huang (Rehmmania Root Prepared) – Tonifies blood, nourishes Yin, tonifies essence.

Yin Yang Huo (Epimedii) – Tonifies the kidneys, fortifies Yang, Libido enhancement, warms and unblocks Yang Qi

Fu Ling (Poria) – Dries dampness, supplements the Spleen and harmonizes the middle jiao, transforms phlegm, calms Spirit.

He Shou Wu (Polygoni Multiflori) – Tonifies the Liver and Kidneys, nourishes blood, tonifies essence.

Tibetan Rhodiola – Tonifies Qi, Adaptogen, tonifies blood, invigorates blood, Anti-aging and Libido enhancement.

Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus Laveis) - For pain, adaptogen, general health tonic, aphrodisiac, immune modulator, Brazilian Ginseng.

Cat's Claw (Una de Gato) - Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, immune boosting, anti-neoplastic and anti-inflammatory.

Para Tudo (Brazilian Suma) – Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory, libido enhancement, improves vascular function, improves immune system

Siberian Maral Root (Rhaponticum Carthamoides) – Adaptogen, anti-aging, Libido enhancement, enhances endurance, strength & recovery.

Tayuya (Cayaponia) -Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging, reduces pain, promotes exercise recovery, tonifies blood, purifies blood.