Organic Herbal Lumps and Bumps T Salve

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Organic Herbal Lumps Bumps T Salve  4 ounces 

Er Cha: Black Cutch: Drains dampness, absorbs suppuration, halts bleeding, generates flesh.

Xia Ku Cao: Spice Prunella: Clears hot phlegm and dissipates nodules, anti-cancer. 

Bing Pian: Borneol: Clears heat, alleviates pain, dissipates nodules, alleviates itch, inhibits cancer and opens the orifices. 

Pu Gong Ying: Dandelion, Clears heat, fire toxins, detoxifies, dissipates nodules and tumors.

Xue Jie: Dragon’s blood, invigorates the blood, stops pain, generates flesh, prevents decay, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. 

Huang Bai: Siberian Cork Tree Bark: Drains fire, relieves fire toxicity and inhibits cancer cell growth.

Jin Yin Hua: Honeysuckle Flower: Purge Heat, clear fire toxins, anti-cancer.

Dang Gui: Chinese Angelica Root: Tonify blood, move blood, reduces toxicity, obstruction and necrosis of tissues.

Neem: Azadirachta indica: Anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, scavenges free radicals, inhibits MRSA, hepatoprotective (Liver), neuroprotective (nerves) and nephroprotective (kidney).

Calendula Officinalis: Wound healer, high in Quercetin, wound healer, high in flavonoids, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral.   

Chuchuhuasi: Anti-inflammatory, stops pain and dredges meridians.

Cat’s Claw: Anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer,

 Above herbs decocted in Organic Olive Oil and tested organic bee’s wax

 Directions: Use liberally each night on the lump or bump.  Safe for humans and pets.