Organic Three Painful Obstruction Arthritis Herbal Tincture

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Organic Three Painful Obstruction Arthritis Herbal Tincture for Humans OR Dogs: 4 ounces decocted in organic coconut glycerin and a small amount of organic French Vodka.

Organic Ingredients include:

Asian Ginseng - Tonify Qi, powerfully tonifies Yuan Qi, rectify Qi, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer. Tonifies Spleen, Stomach and Lung Qi

Turmeric - Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, invigorates the blood, eliminates blood stasis, promotes the movement of Qi and opens the channels, expels wind damp and reduces swelling.

Notopterygium - Releases exterior, dispels wind cold, dampness, unblocks painful obstruction, alleviates pain.

Siler Root - Releases exterior, eliminates wind dampness, alleviates pain, stops spasms.

Eucommia Bark - (DO NOT TAKE WITH LATEX ALLERGY) Tonifies Liver and Kidney, strengthens tendons and bones, aids the flow of Qi & blood, lowers blood pressure and tonifies Kidney Yang.

Dipsacus Japanese Teasel Root - Tonifies Liver and Kidney, strengthens tendons and bones, moves blood, alleviates pain, generates flesh and reconnects tendons, ligaments and bones. Reduces swellings, abscesses and sores.

Achyranthes White Oxknee Root- Invigorates blood, expels blood stasis, nourishes Liver & Kidney Yin, strengthens sinews, bones and benefits the joints. Clears damp heat in the lower jiao.

Angelica Root - Eliminates wind dampness, dispels cold, alleviates pain, reduces swellings, eliminates toxins and expels dampness.

White Peony Root - Nourishes blood, calms Liver Yang and alleviates pain.

Astragalus - Tonifies Qi & blood, strengthens Spleen & Stomach, relieves numbness and pain.

Poria - Strengthens the Spleen, leaches out dampness, calms the Spirit, quiets the mind and soothes nerves.